Thursday, November 4, 2010

Capitulo 1- Enero/January

In this first chapter of Como Agua Para Chocolate, we are introduced to the main characters of this novela.  The heroine is Tita.  Mamá Elena is her tyrant mother, but she is not really a mother figure in this story, that role falls to Nacha.  Nacha is very much like an abuela, or grandmother, to Tita.  From the moment Tita was born, she shared a special connection with Nacha and with cooking in the kitchen.  It was up to Tita and Nacha to prepare the family's meals and their main place was in the kitchen.
One very important thing that is introduced in this frist chapter is Tita's other duty in life- to take care of Mamá Elena, until the day she dies.  "Sabes muy bien que por ser la más chica de las mujeres a ti te corresponde cuidarme hasta el día de mi muerte"-dice Mamá Elena.  Tita is the youngest of three daughters.  Her two sisters, Rosaura and Gertrudis are free to marry whomever they choose.
Besides food, Tita has one other love in her life, Pedro Muzquiz.  Her spirit is crushed by her mother when she is told that she may never marry him, because she must constantly take care of Mamá Elena until she dies.  To make matters worse, in only a short amount of time, Tita discovers that her sister Rosaura is to marry Pedro!  ¡Que horrible! Tita feels like an empty shell, but at least she still has her cooking with Nacha to lift her spirits. 
Readers, this was a great start to this novella.  Whether you are reading it in English or in Spanish, the use of words and descriptions draw you in and give you a strong connection with Tita.  Tita is a ver strong young woman who is battling against loyalties to her mother and these new emotions that are arrising up in her that she is forced to suppress. 
Not only is this novella very interesting so far, but each chapter has a recipe that Tita focuses on throughout the duration of the chapter.  The first recipe is one for Christmas Rolls.  When I see Christmas Rolls, I think of cinnamony, sugary, doughy and yummy rolls, like Cinnamon Rolls.  But no... these Christmas Rolls consist of sardines, sausage, onions and chiles serranos.  Sardines?!  Really?!  ¡Esto está loco!  I plan on "attempting" some of the recipes that are in this novella... we shall see how that goes for me, considering I am NOT a good or experienced cook.
Bueno... eso es todo para ahora. 
 ¡Muchas Gracias!  Thanks for reading!

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